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About Bosco Printed Circuit

Do you know what a PCB is? In techie lingo, a PCB is a printed circuit board and you can find them practically anywhere, in cars, computers and even in the smallest electronics like calculators and smart phones. They usually look like pieces of flat, green plastic with microchips and transistors mounted on top of them and, when it comes to any type of electronics, you simply cant do without them. PCBs comes in various different shapes, types and sizes like single sided, double sided, through hole plated and SMT (Surface Mount Technology) and even multi-layered PCBs

Here at Bosco, we specialise in the manufacture of top quality PCBs and, over the years, we have arguably become the biggest producer and distributor of PCBs nationwide. Since our inception in 1956, we have strived not only for product perfection but also for strong customer relations. The 50s was the starting age of computers. Due to the fact that our experience stretches back so far, our product quality reflects that experience! We do not just focus also on producing the highest quality PCBs, but also strive towards treating our employees with dignity and respect. A happy worker is a productive worker. Here at Bosco, every employee plays an integral part in producing a product of unparalleled quality. We are a proudly South African company, employing a wide range of people from different backgrounds and ethnicities. The fact that we have an ISO 9001 rating, only attests to the fact that our products are superior in every way

At Bosco you can always be assured of the best prices. We use only the finest products in the manufacture of our PCBs and all our products are thoroughly tested. Over the years we have gained a significant amount of loyal customers. We are continuously honing our fabrication skills, ensuring that our customers are supplied with a product that perfectly suits their needs.

Here at Bosco, our motto is Looking forward to the future and, judging by the quality of our products and the brilliance of our production team, it looks as if that future is rapidly approaching.

What Makes Bosco Better?


Our Quick-turn Prototype service from 24-hours.


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